History of Pop Art

My name is Anthony Morley, I am a returning college student at George Mason University, majoring in sociology. This website is a project for my history class called Digital Past. In the class we looked at how the discipline of History is affected by changes in technology, and we explored some of these new technologies. For this project, we applied those technologies to a historical topic. I chose to study pop art because of its sociological implications, particularly its relationship with advertising. I find this relationship very interesting because of the fact that art and advertising are both forms of human expression that communicate with the viewer. Why should one be so fascinating and the other so tedious? I think Pop Art was the first movement to explore the real social implications of advertising and I think it got people to question its role in culture, starting a dialogue on these important ideas, which are explored in the content of this website. I used print and digital sources for this project, a list of the sources I used can be found below. All images used are either in the public domain or are posted under educational fair use.



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